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Former Bass player of “Steel Panther” Travis Haley (Lexxi Foxx) and Diggity Dave, formally of MTV’s “Pimp my Ride” form new band “Hollywood Gods N’ Monsters”



Travis Haley, former bass player (Lexxi Foxx) of longtime fan favorite metal parody act “Steel Panther” has announced the formation of his new band “Hollywood Gods N’ Monsters” with long time friend and television celebrity from MTV’s “Pimp my Ride” Diggity Dave and acclaimed drummer Bones formally of "Sixx AM," "Julian K," and "Dead by Sunrise."


The Monsters - After performing for over two decades with his former band, Travis Haley had amicably decided to move on and do something a little different in the space of music and bass playing alike. Diggity Dave was quoted saying “It’s not like he ever thought he wasn’t challenged by the copious amount of talent that resided within “Steel Panther,” it’s just that he wanted to explore different kinds of music and not traditional "cover tunes" and he was intrigued by some of the music I was sending him.”


Diggity Dave has been doing television since the early 2000’s but came from the world of music. Diggity was signed to Warner Brothers Records in the mid 90’s with a band he fronted named “Shake the Faith” which featured Tommy Thayer (KISS) on guitar, Bry (Brian) on guitar (who went on to play with the band “Closure).” After a decade of being on MTV, Diggity went on to star in countless other TV shows, including “Battleground Earth” with longtime friend Tommy Lee (Motley Crue) and famed rapper Ludacris.

Bones, who had also grown up with Diggity in Los Angeles, was also a coveted get. A drummer that had done tremendous things in his celebrated career. Bones was a staple in Los Angeles and on national stages across the world. He has played with everyone from "Rob Zombie," to "Marilyn Manson," to "Sixx AM," "Julian K," and his last band "Dead by Sunrise" which he formed with his longtime friend...the late Chester Bennington from "Linkin Park." Bones was the original drummer Diggity and Travis set out to get when forming the band...Some things and people are worth the wait.




Travis, Diggity, Bry, their female singer 7even (Kris Aragon) and drummer Bones have known one another for 20 years before collaborating on this magnipotent, musical, mishmash. Travis was quoted saying “I am very proud of what I’ve accomplished with my other band, and nothing can take away the memories and the camaraderie that existed for all those years, but I just felt it was time for something new, and when I heard this music, I knew this was the group of friends and the music I wanted to collaborate on.”

Gods before Monsters – Because Diggity and Bry (Brian) had all played in “Shake the Faith” together and had been best of friends with Travis Haley and Bones for more than half their lives, the opportunity to form a new band was simply too compelling not to do so. Diggity confesses that the challenge was what kind of music they would construct. “Once we figured it out, we then set out to find the missing pieces that would propel the sonic and sound needed to round out this parade of hooligans. We knew we were in need of two types of talent. A rapper extraordinaire that could dismantle any genre of music and reconstruct it into his own image, and a female singer that could terrorize through the throat but tingle the testicles. We managed to find the perfect purveyors of punched out panic.” A rapper named Indicuh (Inthecut.) who is a phenom in the world of not just rap but also a vocalist too. Indicuh (inthecut), was already a bullet on the rise in the musical scene when he was brought into the fold with HGNM. Adding the third vocalist was a challenge, but Diggity, Bry, and Travis had no doubt who the addition was gonna be. It was a female singer who goes by the name of “7even” (also known as Kris Aragon). Travis says “7even” (Kris) was vital for the overall sound of the band because the music demanded not just a female presence, but a female who could occupy a musical space that was jumping from pop, punk, rock, rap, and country covers all while giving a performance that would keep people dancing all night long. “7even” and her absolute snake bite in black image and attitude was a seismic gut punch that girls can rock and spit boys out like Pop Rocks.  

Rounding out the lineup would bring a recalcitrant world of hurt, packaged in an explosive box of broken doll parts. Bass player/rhythm guitarist Rachel Bello. With a triple threat of musical weapons…Rachel came into the band like a five-foot King Kong from the East Coast…smashin up West Coast Hollywood hip hop grooves like Tokyo. She’s the poster child for a thousand teenage acts of rebelliousness…cloaked in the body of a musical prodigy.      



Hollywood Gods N’ Monsters – Their music is what some might call “mashup” but they get agitated when people throw them in that category. HGNM is a new hybrid of musical forms, one that is not often explored live, The band explains it as a blender of styles, sounds, artists, genres, samples, loops, and homages to other artist and Dj's that smash up music. Diggity elucidates it this way, “this generation, the one before it, and the one that’s following are ripe for a band like us. It’s about losing yourself in the music, about dancing, about feeling alive. That’s why the Dj scene is conquered music, because people wanna go to a show and not think about what they’re listening to. They just wanna be enveloped in songs that they know, their friends know, and hell…even their parents know. Travis closes by saying, “this is some amazing stuff we’re doing, and it’s a living, breathing history of music. What other band mixes the 70’s band Chic, with Queen, with Aerosmith, Sugarhill Gang, Blondie, and DMX? And that’s just one song by us. Also, kids wanna see rock stars again…bigger than life entities on stage that accentuate the songs. Stick around because we’re bringin it all back in a time machine that captures that way people use to rage on the radio from the 70’s, 80’s to present time.”     

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